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Time-saving. Turning-point. Myriam’s ability to juggle with expatriation complexity and connect with multiple communities is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It made a huge difference in the way I settled in Amsterdam. She answered my needs in a fast pace, with method and commitment, and this seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. 

Marine C.

Thanks to Myriam, finding a house became easy. Thanks to her connections and her knowledge of Amsterdam, everything went as expected and I found my Home sweet Home in almost no time. I highly recommend the services of Tips4Expat as they are tailor-made and dus, match your expectations! 

Noemie A.

Move and buy a house abroad can be a real challenge, that’s why I would like to recommend Tips4Expat. My house hunting journey has been possible because Myriam was a great support for me at each steps of my research. From the day I contacted her, she has been always available for me. Again thank you to make my dreams comes true! 

Matthieu R.

We contacted Tips4expat as part of the rental of our apartment. Myriam immediately knew how to advise us on the right approach to avoid the pitfalls and direct us to the right professional. Thanks to her expertise and reactivity, the situation was managed very quickly and to our advantage! A big thanks to Tips4Expat! 

Aurelia C.

I had to relocate to Amsterdam with the whole family in less than 3 months and with the Coronavirus situation, Tips4Expat made it possible!!! Thank you so much for that. Really impressed by Myriam’s extreme implication and motivation to obtain our dream apartment facing strong competition. (early morning visit, visio visit, contract negotiation, translation….and much more) Plus millions of tips to make the re-location extremely smooth! Thanks again Myriam! 

Téo P.

Knowing our rights as a tenant is not always easy, especially in a foreign country. 

I found in Myriam from tips4expat an extensive knowledge and some very valuable advice to cope with a sensitive situation. 

I highly recommend her as she is a strong connoisseur of owners and tenants’ rights here in the Netherlands. She gives you everything about the pattern to follow, any kind of issue you are facing. 

Thank you for your high added value Myriam @tips4expat. 

Chloé C.

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