relocation services for individuals and families

relocation services to and from the Netherlands for highly motivated individuals

If you’re planning to move to the Netherlands, at Tips4Expat we have extensive experience in facilitating the relocation needs of highly motivated individuals, their families and their pets.  

Our services for individuals relocating to the Netherlands


  • Advise individuals (often entrepreneurs) when they are considering relocating
  • Explain the relocation journey and its impact on individuals and family
  • Assist with creating and organising each step of the relocation
  • Arrange various real estate services
  • Support individuals and families with every step of their moves
  • Work hand in hand with partners depending on the client’s needs
  • Assist individuals and families in settling in to their new environment
  • Help individuals and families to feel at home
  • Assist individuals and families to achieve a smooth integration: connecting with locals and internationals

Tailor-made relocation services

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We know what successful relocations look like. We ourselves are internationals that have relocated to Amsterdam.

You will benefit from our personal and professional expertise and years of experience in international and pan-European relocations to the Netherlands. 

Clients’ Testimonials

Express Service during Covid

"Expatriation express à Amsterdam, nous ne connaissions rien de la ville, période Covid...
En moins d’une semaine, Tips4Expat nous a trouvé L’APPART DE RÊVE et nous a surtout permis de l’obtenir face à une concurrence sévère.(…)

Testimonial Item

Téo P.

The Mary Poppins of Relocation ...

"Myriam truly is the Mary Poppins of relocation. I personally used her services at a turning point in my personal life. She managed to take the stress load out of my shoulders, so I could get on with all I had to manage and change at that time.
So, whether you are relocating as an expat or experiencing major changes at a transitional time, Myriam will fully be able to support you where needed. She is truly equipped to smoothen up the process by providing you with an à la carte service that you will be able to redefine at all time. The process does not have to take long. I got where I wanted in less than a week, after having struggled with the same issue for months.

Testimonial Item

Alice C.